Gifted Students Extension Program

Northside Tuition runs a 10-week, small-group (max. 5 students) extension program suitable for primary-school aged students who have been identified as:

  • operating in the gifted range of intelligence (as identified by a cognitive assessment) or
  • excelling in English and/or Maths
  • in the top band levels of NAPLAN
  • twice-exceptional (diagnosed with high-functioning Autism and gifted intelligence)
  • under-stimulated or misunderstood by their teachers and/or peers in the school setting
  • experiencing challenges working in small groups with peers at school
  • seeking connections with peers at the same academic level as them
  • needing opportunities to engage in tasks that require ‘out-of-the-box’ thinking, creative problem-solving, academic risk-taking, and ‘what if’ thinking.

Each week of the 10-week program offers a range of fun, engaging activities that link to the key curriculum areas of English, Maths, Science, Geography and History and are chosen based, in part, on the interest areas of the students in the group.

A key focus of the program is on promoting social and emotional development of gifted students – self-awareness, working effectively with peers in group challenges, friendship-building, and developing a growth mindset by persisting with challenging tasks where the answer may not be immediately obvious or where there may be more than one solution.


$50/hour – one-off payment of $500 prior to commencing program.