Social Skills Program – Autism


The Northside Tuition social skills program is designed for primary-school aged children (Years 1-6) with high-functioning Autism, including twice-exceptional children, requiring support in:

  • Understanding a range of feelings and emotions
  • Working and playing with others
  • Building self-awareness and awareness of others
  • Making small-talk and other social communication needs.

The program is run by the owner and operator of Northside Tuition, Kylie Fedrick, who is an experienced special education teacher with postgraduate qualifications in special education, early childhood teaching and psychology. Kylie has worked successfully with a large number of children to support their social and emotional needs in the education system.

This program is engaging, hands-on, promotes diversity and inclusion, and is loved by the students who have participated in the program to-date.

Program Overview:

Each session is 1-hour in length and requires a weekly commitment to attend*.

Each session is run in small-groups (max. 5 students)**.

Each session includes a focus on an area of social, emotional and communication needs pertinent to your child.

Each session is linked to the Australian Curriculum.

Each session involves recording of insights by the students (some small amounts of handwriting required).

Within 24 hours of each session, parents will receive a written overview of the session’s lesson content and learning outcomes with helpful tips for encouraging new skills and strategies taught during the session to be transferred to the home and school environment. The written overview can then be forwarded to your child’s teacher and allied health professionals so that everyone is aware of and working towards the same goals for your child. This is more likely to promote success in building social skills! After all, ‘it takes a village to educate a child’.

*The program is 10 weeks in duration and each week builds on the last. Failure to attend more than 3 sessions will constitute your withdrawal from the program.

**Each session requires students to be physically safe and work with others. Northside Tuition reserves the right to withdraw students from sessions who are unable to participate within these parameters.

Reading facial cues is just one focus area in Northside Tuition’s social skills program


$80/hour – one-off payment of $800 prior to commencement of program.

NDIS subsidies may apply.