When Your Child is the Bully

Every parent’s worst nightmare is to discover their child has been accused of bullying another child at school. Unfortunately, children with special needs can not only be the victims of bullying but also the perpetrators.

Several factors can lead to children with special needs bullying others, including difficulty empathizing with others, sensory overload, inability to verbally communicate thoughts and feelings, misreading of social cues and general immaturity.

Even if certain factors are beyond the control of your child, it does not necessarily mean that they won’t be subject to negative consequences from school administration as all children have the right to feel safe at school. However, if your child is enrolled in a school with access to a trained special education teacher, they will be able to help you in advocating for your child, ensuring the administration team understand the nature of your child’s disability, which may in turn reduce the severity of the consequences.

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