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Social Skills Intervention

At Northside Tuition, Kylie is passionate about running small-group social skills intervention programs for primary-school aged children with high-functioning Autism. Kylie has many years of experience supporting children in the school setting, focusing on building the necessary skills for children to function to the best of their ability in the classroom and playground. The key … Continue reading Social Skills Intervention

Gifted Primary School Students

Gifted students are often overlooked in busy school settings where priority is given to struggling learners. However, gifted students CAN and DO require support, especially when it comes to supporting their social-emotional needs, due to their intense emotional nature and difficulty relating to same-age peers who aren’t as bright or emotionally sensitive. At Northside Tuition, … Continue reading Gifted Primary School Students

What to Expect at a 1-1 Academic Tutoring Session

There is no ‘one-formula fits all’ approach at Northside Tuition, therefore, each student is assessed in a low-pressure, informal way using observations and work samples. In consultation with you and your child, an intervention program is then developed. There are no false promises given or unrealistic timelines provided for progress. When you arrive, you will … Continue reading What to Expect at a 1-1 Academic Tutoring Session

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