Social Skills Intervention

At Northside Tuition, Kylie is passionate about running small-group social skills intervention programs for primary-school aged children with high-functioning Autism. Kylie has many years of experience supporting children in the school setting, focusing on building the necessary skills for children to function to the best of their ability in the classroom and playground.

The key to the program’s success – simply known as Boys’ Club and Girls’ Club is Kylie’s deep respect for the students with whom she works; establishment of routines that children grasp easily and love to follow; development of a shared language related to social skills; and using a range of hands-on games and books to promote social skills growth.

Gifted Primary School Students

Gifted students are often overlooked in busy school settings where priority is given to struggling learners. However, gifted students CAN and DO require support, especially when it comes to supporting their social-emotional needs, due to their intense emotional nature and difficulty relating to same-age peers who aren’t as bright or emotionally sensitive.

At Northside Tuition, a small-group weekly extension program is offered, focusing on group challenges that cover the key learning areas of English and Maths but also incorporate creativity, philosophical thinking, group work skills and reflecting on one’s strengths and lesser strengths as learners.

For the month of March, Northside Tuition is offering a special discount rate of $45/hour for the first 3 hourly sessions (this represents a $60 saving). Let Kylie – an experienced teacher with training in Gifted Education – support and challenge your gifted child.

Homework, Homework, Homework

Here are some tips for surviving the weekly/daily struggle of getting your kids to do their homework:

Don’t let homework dictate the happiness levels in your house each afternoon
  1. Remember, it is their homework. Part of being a student is learning to be responsible for doing homework. If your child relies too heavily on you to start, complete and finish their homework, then they will not be learning to be responsible for this aspect of their learning.
  2. Make a set time and organise a set space in the house with minimal distractions in which to complete homework.
  3. Have a built-in reward system for completing homework. *Extra tip* – let your child choose the reward so that you know they really want it and the younger the child, the more immediate the reward should be.
  4. Don’t let homework drag on for too long. Refer to the guidelines below for how long it should take to complete homework based on your child’s age. These are a rough guide, but your child’s school should be able to provide you with a copy of their homework policy which should include their specific expectations.

Homework Time Guidelines

Prep – 10 minutes/day which may consist of reviewing sight words or reading

Year 1 to 3 – 20 minutes/day or up to 1 hour/week

Year 4 to 5 – no more than 2-3 hours/week

Year 6 to 7 – no more than 3-4 hours/week

Year 8 to 9 – no more than 5 hours/week

Year 10 – 12 – will vary depending on student’s study path

*A special note for parents of students with disabilities or learning difficulties: If your child is operating below their year level and they are on a modified program, then their homework should reflect this. In other words, their homework should match the work they are given in class and not be the same as everyone else’s.

What to Expect at a 1-1 Academic Tutoring Session

There is no ‘one-formula fits all’ approach at Northside Tuition, therefore, each student is assessed in a low-pressure, informal way using observations and work samples. In consultation with you and your child, an intervention program is then developed. There are no false promises given or unrealistic timelines provided for progress.

When you arrive, you will be asked to pay for your session via cash or EFTPOS. You will then have the option of staying in the tutoring space to observe your child’s session or you are welcome to leave and come back at the end of the session.

Each session is 1-hour in duration (although this can be negotiated depending on the age and needs of your child). This will usually consist of a 55-minute session with the student, with 5 minutes for a brief overview/consultation with you, the parent, at the conclusion of each session.

While every session is planned in advance, there is always flexibility to work on whatever your child’s needs are on that particular day. So, if your child has a history assignment coming up, or if they have just been taught about a new algebra concept at school earlier that day and they are feeling totally confused, the planned session can be put aside for another day.

You and your child are encouraged to ask for what you need at each session and Kylie will adapt to meet your needs. This is the great thing about coming to Northside Tuition, where every 1-1 tutoring session is personalised to meet your child’s needs and delivered by an experienced, qualified teacher who is flexible and used to thinking on her feet!

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The Learning Space at Northside Tuition

All programs at Northside Tuition are offered in a warm, relaxed environment. The owner and operator of Northside Tuition, Kylie Fedrick, has a purpose-designed space in her Northside Brisbane home which is located in a quiet, dead-end street complete with a friendly, calm golden retriever for making kids (and parents) of all ages feel at ease.

Kylie has a special knack for building rapport with students of different ages from a range of backgrounds. She believes that forming a connection with her students is the key to them growing academically, socially and emotionally. Her goal is for each student to walk away from their tutoring sessions happy, confident and ready to apply their skills back in the school environment.

Kylie recognises and values the important role that parents play in helping children with their learning, so each session incorporates helpful hints, strategies and feedback for parents.

Cancellations Policy

At Northside Tuition, it is recognised that cancellations are unavoidable at times due to illness, school camps and family emergencies.

Advance notice of cancellations is requested whenever possible.

Cancellation Fees are set out below:

Academic Tutoring Sessions:

  • 1 cancellation each term – no charge
  • 2nd and subsequent cancellations – 100% fee charged.

Extension sessions (Gifted students):

  • 1 cancellation each term – no charge
  • 2nd and subsequent cancellations – 100% fee charged.

Social Skills Sessions (Students with Autism):

  • 1 cancellation each term – no charge
  • 2nd cancellation – 100% fee charged.

Please note, due to the popular nature of this program, 3 or more cancellations constitutes your child’s withdrawal from the program to enable other students to take their place.

Parent education advisory sessions:

  • If 48 hours notice is given to Northside Tuition for the cancellation, no cancellation fee will be charged.
  • If less than 48 hours notice is given to Northside Tuition for the cancellation, 100% of the consultation fee will be charged.