Bibliotherapy Service

Northside Tuition is now offering a bibliotherapy service to complement its existing range of parent consultancy services.

Bibliotherapy involves the use of books (in this service, the focus is on picture books) to support children in discussing and understanding their social-emotional needs.

There are many children’s books on the market that focus on a range of feelings, including anger and anxiety; understanding giftedness combined with executive functioning issues; understanding the impact of Autism and ADHD on behaviour; and getting along with others. However, it can be overwhelming knowing which books to choose and where exactly to start.

This is where a bibliotherapy service can be helpful. As part of a 1 hour consultation process, you will have the opportunity to discuss your child’s needs with Kylie in a calm, non-judgemental space. From there, Kylie will recommend a list of books, or other resources such as films and apps if applicable, that you can then access to support your child.

Bibliotherapy can be useful in building a bridge of understanding and insight for your child as well as providing the bonding experience of reading beautiful books together.

Contact Kylie today for more information or to book a consultation.

Cost is $150 payable on the day of the consultation.

Top 10 Apps for Learning

With home-schooling a reality for the foreseeable future, these are my recommendations for the Top 10 Apps for learning:

  1. Book Creator: easy to use; kids can create their own books or comics using a combination of drawings, photos, writing and inserts. Ages 5+
  2. Toontastic: kids can create their own movies on this Google app using the traditional 3 or 5-part story structure; also an option to create a science report. Great graphics. The best part – it’s free. Ages 5+
  3. Code Squad: taking on the role of a secret agent in a timed test to beat Dr Odd, kids can test their speed and accuracy in recalling facts using all 4 maths operations. Can be played solo or with up to 4 players. Ages 6+
  4. Maths Rockx: combining times tables facts from 1-12 with catchy songs, like So What by Pink, this app is a fun way to get kids learning their times tables. Warning – you’ll find yourself singing the songs along with the kids! Ages 6+
  5. Dexteria: great app for kids needing to develop their fine motor strength and co-ordination, and to practice correct formation of letters and numbers. Ages 4+
  6. Inspiration Maps: a mind-mapping tool with templates across a range of subjects; 5 free templates. Ages 8+
  7. Jungle Time: a telling time app with great graphics and audio; represents good value for money as it ranges from telling time to the hour right through to solving problems with elapsed time in 24-hour format. Ages 6+
  8. Jungle Money: from the same company that made Jungle Time; kids can compare coins and calculate correct change. Ages 6+
  9. Triple Zero Kids’ Challenge: free, interactive app that teaches kids what to do in the event of an emergency at home or in the community. Ages 5+
  10. Oz Phonics 1-5: Australian accent; ranges in difficulty from Level 1-5; contains word searches and other hands-on activities to teach kids letter-sound relationships. Ages 5+

Social Skills Intervention

At Northside Tuition, Kylie is passionate about running small-group social skills intervention programs for primary-school aged children with high-functioning Autism. Kylie has many years of experience supporting children in the school setting, focusing on building the necessary skills for children to function to the best of their ability in the classroom and playground.

The key to the program’s success – simply known as Boys’ Club and Girls’ Club – is Kylie’s deep respect for the students with whom she works; establishment of routines that children grasp easily and love to follow; development of a shared language related to social skills; and using a range of hands-on games and books to promote social skills growth.

Contact Kylie for more information today and to arrange a time to meet to determine your child’s suitability for the program.

Gifted Primary School Students

Gifted students are often overlooked in busy school settings where priority is given to struggling learners. However, gifted students CAN and DO require support, especially when it comes to supporting their social-emotional needs, due to their intense emotional nature and difficulty relating to same-age peers who aren’t as bright or emotionally sensitive.

At Northside Tuition, a small-group weekly extension program is offered, focusing on group challenges that cover the key learning areas of English and Maths but also incorporate creativity, philosophical thinking, group work skills and reflecting on one’s strengths and lesser strengths as learners.

School Holiday Workshops

  • “Thank you for such a beautiful day for my daughter…she has come home so lit up and bright, those sparks are what makes every parent so proud. You are an amazing teacher, I am so pleased she was inspired today by you.” Priya – parent

workshop 1: design a planet

In this 3-hour workshop, participants are first required to design a planet, detailing its location in the universe, its physical composition and appearance, climate, habitats, flora and fauna, inhabitants, similarities and differences to Earth, including environmental challenges and how these are overcome on their planet.

Participants then showcase their design through producing a non-fiction book, a short story detailing a day in the life of an inhabitant on the planet, and/or a play detailing humans’ first encounter with the planet. Participants will then share their compositions with each other.

Please Note: This workshop is suitable for 7 – 10 year old children who love outer space and creative writing. This workshop is intellectually challenging and has been designed with gifted children in mind.

Prepaid bookings are essential. Discounted price for signing up for all 3 workshops.

Contact for further information and to book.

workshop 2: fairy tales come to life

In this 3-hour workshop, participants are first required to write their own original fairy tale then use the app, Toontastic, to bring their fairy tale to life in animated form. Participants will share their completed story/cartoon with each other.

Please Note: This workshop is suitable for 7 – 10 year old children who are independently motivated to engage in sustained writing tasks and are confident in using iPad apps. This workshop is intellectually challenging and has been designed with gifted children in mind.

  • Prepaid bookings are essential. Discounted price for signing up for all 3 workshops.
  • Students must bring their own fully charged iPad to the workshop with the Google app, Toontastic, downloaded onto their device.
  • Contact for further information and to book.

workshop 3: maths challenger

In this 3-hour workshop, participants are required to work in small groups to engage in a series of hands-on, small-group Maths problem-solving activities focusing on out-of-the box, flexible mathematical thinking.

Please Note: This workshop is suitable for 7 – 10 year old children who possess advanced number skills for their age, enjoy and persist in completing mathematical challenges, and are prepared to work with peers to complete set tasks planned by an experienced teacher that incorporate different strands of the Australian Maths curriculum. This workshop is intellectually challenging and has been designed with gifted children in mind.

  • Prepaid bookings are essential. Discounted price for signing up for all 3 workshops.
  • Contact for further information and to book.

What to Expect at a 1-1 Academic Tutoring Session

There is no ‘one-formula fits all’ approach at Northside Tuition, therefore, each student is assessed in a low-pressure, informal way using observations and work samples. In consultation with you and your child, an intervention program is then developed. There are no false promises given or unrealistic timelines provided for progress.

When you arrive, you will be asked to pay for your session via cash or EFTPOS. You will then have the option of staying in the tutoring space to observe your child’s session or you are welcome to leave and come back at the end of the session.

Each session is 1-hour in duration (although this can be negotiated depending on the age and needs of your child). This will usually consist of a 55-minute session with the student, with 5 minutes for a brief overview/consultation with you, the parent, at the conclusion of each session.

While every session is planned in advance, there is always flexibility to work on whatever your child’s needs are on that particular day. So, if your child has a test coming up, or if they have just been taught about a new maths concept at school earlier that day and they are feeling totally confused, the planned session can be put aside for another day.

You and your child are encouraged to ask for what you need at each session and Kylie will adapt to meet your needs. This is the great thing about coming to Northside Tuition, where every 1-1 tutoring session is personalised to meet your child’s needs and delivered by an experienced, qualified teacher who is flexible and used to thinking on her feet!

Contact Kylie for more information at

The Learning Space at Northside Tuition

All programs at Northside Tuition are offered in a warm, relaxed environment. The owner and operator of Northside Tuition, Kylie Fedrick, has a purpose-designed space in her Northside Brisbane home which is located in a quiet, dead-end street.

Kylie has a special knack for building rapport with students of different ages from a range of backgrounds. She believes that forming a connection with her students is the key to them growing academically, socially and emotionally. Her goal is for each student to walk away from their tutoring sessions happy, confident and ready to apply their skills back in the school environment.

Kylie recognises and values the important role that parents play in helping children with their learning, so each session incorporates helpful hints, strategies and feedback for parents.

The teaching space at Northside Tuition

Cancellations Policy

At Northside Tuition, it is recognised that cancellations are unavoidable at times due to illness, school camps and family emergencies.

Advance notice of cancellations is requested whenever possible.

Cancellation Fees are set out below:

1-1 Academic Tutoring Sessions:

  • Make-up sessions offered within 1 week of cancellation OR
  • Full payment for missed sessions required the following week

Small Group sessions:

  • Term-by-term payments required
  • Due to the progressive nature of these programs, 3 or more cancellations per term constitutes your child’s withdrawal from the programs

Parent education advisory sessions:

  • No cancellation fee charged when a make-up session is arranged