What to Expect at a 1-1 Academic Tutoring Session

There is no ‘one-formula fits all’ approach at Northside Tuition, therefore, each student is assessed in a low-pressure, informal way using observations and work samples. In consultation with you and your child, an intervention program is then developed. There are no false promises given or unrealistic timelines provided for progress.

When you arrive, you will be asked to pay for your session via cash or EFTPOS. You will then have the option of staying in the tutoring space to observe your child’s session or you are welcome to leave and come back at the end of the session.

Each session is 1-hour in duration (although this can be negotiated depending on the age and needs of your child). This will usually consist of a 55-minute session with the student, with 5 minutes for a brief overview/consultation with you, the parent, at the conclusion of each session.

While every session is planned in advance, there is always flexibility to work on whatever your child’s needs are on that particular day. So, if your child has a test coming up, or if they have just been taught about a new maths concept at school earlier that day and they are feeling totally confused, the planned session can be put aside for another day.

You and your child are encouraged to ask for what you need at each session and Kylie will adapt to meet your needs. This is the great thing about coming to Northside Tuition, where every 1-1 tutoring session is personalised to meet your child’s needs and delivered by an experienced, qualified teacher who is flexible and used to thinking on her feet!

Contact Kylie for more information at kylie@northsidetuition.com.au

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