Top 10 Apps for Learning

With home-schooling a reality for the foreseeable future, these are my recommendations for the Top 10 Apps for learning:

  1. Book Creator: easy to use; kids can create their own books or comics using a combination of drawings, photos, writing and inserts. Ages 5+
  2. Toontastic: kids can create their own movies on this Google app using the traditional 3 or 5-part story structure; also an option to create a science report. Great graphics. The best part – it’s free. Ages 5+
  3. Code Squad: taking on the role of a secret agent in a timed test to beat Dr Odd, kids can test their speed and accuracy in recalling facts using all 4 maths operations. Can be played solo or with up to 4 players. Ages 6+
  4. Maths Rockx: combining times tables facts from 1-12 with catchy songs, like So What by Pink, this app is a fun way to get kids learning their times tables. Warning – you’ll find yourself singing the songs along with the kids! Ages 6+
  5. Dexteria: great app for kids needing to develop their fine motor strength and co-ordination, and to practice correct formation of letters and numbers. Ages 4+
  6. Inspiration Maps: a mind-mapping tool with templates across a range of subjects; 5 free templates. Ages 8+
  7. Jungle Time: a telling time app with great graphics and audio; represents good value for money as it ranges from telling time to the hour right through to solving problems with elapsed time in 24-hour format. Ages 6+
  8. Jungle Money: from the same company that made Jungle Time; kids can compare coins and calculate correct change. Ages 6+
  9. Triple Zero Kids’ Challenge: free, interactive app that teaches kids what to do in the event of an emergency at home or in the community. Ages 5+
  10. Oz Phonics 1-5: Australian accent; ranges in difficulty from Level 1-5; contains word searches and other hands-on activities to teach kids letter-sound relationships. Ages 5+

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