Bibliotherapy Service

Northside Tuition is now offering a bibliotherapy service to complement its existing range of parent consultancy services.

Bibliotherapy involves the use of books (in this service, the focus is on picture books) to support children in discussing and understanding their social-emotional needs.

There are many children’s books on the market that focus on a range of feelings, including anger and anxiety; understanding giftedness combined with executive functioning issues; understanding the impact of Autism and ADHD on behaviour; and getting along with others. However, it can be overwhelming knowing which books to choose and where exactly to start.

This is where a bibliotherapy service can be helpful. As part of a 1 hour consultation process, you will have the opportunity to discuss your child’s needs with Kylie in a calm, non-judgemental space. From there, Kylie will recommend a list of books, or other resources such as films and apps if applicable, that you can then access to support your child.

Bibliotherapy can be useful in building a bridge of understanding and insight for your child as well as providing the bonding experience of reading beautiful books together.

Contact Kylie today for more information or to book a consultation.

Cost is $150 payable on the day of the consultation.